Phentramin-D doctor reviews

Dr. Robert Palmer

“Obesity and overweight have in the last decade become a global problem. Many patients have used different diet pills hoping for good results, in my experience, Phentramin-D has not only produced remarkable results in appetite control, but also weight reduction to perfect desires. It has given much needed boost to my patients and helped them build confidence, personal appearance and preventing obesity related complications.

I would recommend Phentramin-D diet pill to all those who have failed to get their control on food cravings and weight reduction with exercise. Phentramin-D is a safe non-herbal diet pill; it has been synthesized with known chemical ingredients, so side effects are from insignificant to none, you should also know that Phentramin-D was awarded as top recommended non-prescription, over the counter diet pill by many medical experts in 2008.

Feel free to consult your doctor if that gives you more confidence before starting Phentramin-D, also, keep up with your balanced diet and exercise schedule.

I recommend for my patients to take one pill in the morning (one hour before breakfast) and a second pill two hours after lunch. Take your Phentramin-D pill with 8oz of water. Do not to take your Phentramin-D pill in the evening.”

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