Phentramin-D customer reviews

Phentramin-D has excellent rating in the United States, Australia, Canada and United Kingdom. Check out what some others say about Phentramin-d!

Brenda Mason                     May 2010

“I ordered told by a friend of mine that he was one phentramin-d, I went online to see what it does and decided to order it, it has been very effective in controlling my weight which has been bothering me for many years. I lost almost 20lbs in 45 days. I had few side effects like nausea and abdominal cramps, but those side effects went away after 5 days with regular use and some workout. I am so happy with the results.”

Julie’s experience            California

“After my daughter’s birth, I gained lot of weight sitting home…When I went back to work I talked to my colleague about my weight concern and she informed me of phentramin-d, I checked it as soon as I got home and I am using it now, I wasn’t honestly expecting the results I got, I lost all the extra weight and felt like phentramin-d was giving me extra energy.”

Kimberly G.                         Jaffersonville  KY

“Obesity was always a problem for me until I heard of phentramin-d, I was always skepticales and didn’t trust any diet pills, but after I read all the reviews and ordered it online my has life changed, I lost 30 lbs so far in two months. Phentramin-D has brought happiness and confidence back in my life. I am still taking phentramin-d and watching my diet!”

Edward Jones                     Chicago

“It is for the first time ever I took my weight loss serious. I am using phentramin-d capsule on my girlfriend’s recommendation. So far it has been a week and I started noticing few changes on my eating habits!”

Erin Forest                           January 2012

“I started Phentramin-D two week ago and succeeded in lowering my weight by 5lbs. I already feel great! I haven’t been working out, but I don’t feel hungry and don’t eat as much as before, I am also trying my best to keep my diet with healthy low fat meals, I think I am on right track.”

Silvia  B.                                February 2012                                    Toronto

“With 10 days of taking phentramin-d I can feel the difference. I have to force myself to eat sometimes as I don’t feel real hungry. I want to keep using it till I lose good 25lbs”.

Coco69lov                            March 2011

“I tried some diet pills before but nothing worked well. I wanted to lose those extra pounds I put in during my pregnancy. I went on diet and exercise then I tried phentramin-d diet pill, this was by the best diet pill I took in my life! I have already lost 15lbs and will continue taking it till I reach my 25lbs goal.”

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