Hoodia is based on a natural herbal formula, it suppresses appetite and does not affect the energy level. The main ingredient in Hoodia diet pill comes from a family of cactus plant Hoodia Gondii, grown in South African deserts.

Hoodia diet pill Ingredients

The main active constituent in Hoodia is P57 which is an oxygenane steroidal glycoside, the inactive ingredients of Hoodia are stearic acid, magnesium stearate and gelatin.

How does Hoodia diet pill works?

The ingredient P57 acts on hypothalamus of brain, sending false signals of being satiated. It has no effects on your behavior as apposed to other diet pills. In addition to appetite suppression, Hoodia reduces gastric acid production helping abdominal discomfort.

Hoodia dosage

Hoodia effects weight loss significantly without much restriction, each capsule is 400mg and is to be taken 30 minutes before meals with full glass of water.

Interactions of Hoodia

You are not advised to take Hoodia capsule if you have following conditions;

  • Diabetes, as your sugar level may be disturbed with Hoodia and anti-diabetic drugs.
  • Aspirin, Warfarin and Heparin should not be taken with Hoodia as there is risk of bleeding.
  • Hoodia should be avoided for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.
  • Hoodia is not advised if you suffer from any heart ailment or taking any medication for treating any such condition.
  • You should not take Hoodia diet pill if you are facing state of bulimia ( an eating disorder with overeating tendency and self induced vomiting) or anorexia ( prolong loss of appetite).

Hoodia side effects

Hoodia Gondii may cause some allergies if the patient is sensitive to any of its inactive ingredients, hoodia may cause hives or rashes on skin with itchiness, increased heart beat (tachycardia), difficulty in breathing, swelling of face and inside of mouth.

In one clinical study Hoodia Gondii has been shown to increase blood pressure and liver enzymes such as alkaline phosphate.