Fastin is an appetite suppressants. It effects the body weight through stimulation of sympathetic  nervous system. It is prescribed when obesity become a health issue and life threatening complication. The combination of  Fastin with balanced meals will give great result on weight reduction.

Ingredients in Fastin diet pill

The active substance in Fastin diet capsule is Phentermine Hydrocholride, this substance has sympathomimetic effects on the body. It controls appetite and increases the amount of calories the body can burn.

How does Fastin effects weight loss?

When taking Fastin, the need for big meals will disappear, also, an increase of energy level and stamina will occur, patients feel more active throughout the day while body fats are consumed as calories. Fastin is prescribed usually for 10-12 weeks during which desired reduction in weight is usually achieved, a diet with regular exercise after complete the Fastin treatment is a must for maintaining a healthy weight.

Fastin dosage

Fastin should be taken once a day, a single 30mg capsule one hour before or 1-3 hours after breakfast. Capsule should never be chewed but swallowed with water as whole. The duration of Fastin use should not be more than 12 weeks. You should continue your control over diet and regular exercise.

Fastin and other drugs interactions

If you’re using any of following medications, your physician should know about it, he will either advise against using diet pills, alter the dosage of medicine being taken or stop it as long as you are using Fastin.

  • Fastin should not be used with other appetite suppressant as serious side effects may occur. Your doctor must know if you may have used any diet pill during the previous year.
  • You are not advised to take any monoamine oxidase inhibitors like phenelzine, isocarboxazid, within two weeks prior, while taking Fastin or two weeks after treatment.
  • If you are diabetic and taking insulin injections or oral hypoglycemic agents, your physician will adjust its dosage. This is due to Fastin’s glucose lowering effect.
  • Do not take alcoholic drinks as it may interfere in your alertness. As Fastin may cause dizziness and blurring of vision, do not drive vehicle or operate machinery.
  • Pregnant women should not take Fastin.
  • Fastin use with isoniazid, phenothiazine or theophyline may enhance risk of seizures or fits.

Fastin side effects

Allergic reactions with swelling of face, lips, throat with difficulty in breathing warrant emergency measure if you have taken Fastin, other less serious side effects of Fastin include chest pain, elevation of blood pressure, dryness of mouth, faintness, dizziness, tremors of hands, anxiety, confusion, constipation or diarrhea, itchiness of skin, rapid and irregular heart beats.