Cholacol is known to help with digestive difficulties after post gall bladder surgery. Cholacol is basically a bile salt supplement of high potency that help breakdown unwanted fat in the body.

Cholacol tablet ingredients

one Cholacol tablet contain root powder Collinsonia(235mg), purified bile salts of bovine origin(120mg), honey and calcium stearate. Collinsonia acts as anti-inflammatory, bovine bile salt hep  breakdown fats, honey makes Cholacol easy palatable. Whereas Cholacol 2 has Bentonite, which has great affinity for metabolic waste, making their elimination from body briskly.

How Cholacol works

The primary benefit of Cholacol tablet is to provide much needed bile salts in the absence of your gall bladder. It is a common occurrence that gallbladder removal leads to weight gain, bovine bile salt that is present in each tablet makes fat digestion possible in absence of endogenous production, also, the Collinsonia ingredient in Cholacol will act as an anti-inflammatory, it will treat any stomach or intestinal damage that is present and bring about healthier absorptive surface for substance of nutritional value.

Cholacol dosage

The usual adult dose of Cholacol is two tablets with meals. Each tablet has 230mg of Collonsonia root powder and 115mg of bovine bile salts purified form.

Cholacol interactions

Pregnant women should avoid taking Cholacol, it is also not recommended for individuals suffering from major diseases. If you have a history of gallbladder stones, inform your doctor as Cholacol has tendency to aggravate gall stone symptoms.

Cholacol side effects

Cholacol may enhance risk of gall stone formation in susceptible individuals, it has caused rare and fatal accidental iron poisoning in children under 5 years of age so it should be kept away from the reach of children.