Bontril is a prescription drug for weight loss, it stops food cravings and boosts energy level. Bontril is well suited for overweight patients who have difficulties controlling food cravings. It is a weight loss pill that us prescribed to be taken for a short period time. The aim of treatment is not only bring down weight, but also control obesity related health complication such as heart and blood circulation issues.

Bontril’s main ingredients

Bontril has an effective sympathomimetic agent called phendimetrazine tartrate, it belongs to  the same class of anti-obesity drug as amphetamines, phendimetrazine.

How will Bontril bring your weight down?

Bontril will enhance your mental alertness, blood circulation to muscles and suppress your appetite, this will lead to burning  more calories in short period of time.

Bontril dosage

Bontril is prescribed for adults only, doctors recommend a very strict diet and regular exercise with this diet pill. The standard adult dose is 17.5 mg as single daily dose, lower dosage maybe prescribed depending on your weight and health condition. Bontril should not be stopped suddenly, unless advised by your doctor, after the desired weight loss is achieved, your doctor will gradually decrease your dosage.

Interaction with drugs and health conditions

  • Bontril should not be taken with other anorectic drugs as it may cause serious heart problems.
  • Bontril should not be taken with furazolidine, procarbazine, selegiline, tranylcypromine.
  • Bontril should not be taken with Tricyclic anti-depressant such as amitriptyline, clomipramine and doxipen.
  • Bontril or phendimetrazine should not be taken by nursing mothers
  • If you are diabetic and taking insulin, your physician should know about this fact as the insulin dosage will have to be reduced.

Bontril side effects

Headache, lightheadedness, loss of sleep(insomnia), increased blood pressure, sweating, agitated behavior, tremors, flushing, dryness of mouth, decreased sex drive and confusion.